About us

With the help of a changing society, Miami Construction Shuttle LLC. has developed a trustworthy company based on the need for construction transportation. 15 years of service has allowed us to provide a guarenteed shuttle experience for all our clients over the years.

Miami Construction Shuttle LLC.

We have been providing shuttle services since 1996 and for more than 15 years have provided trustworthy and expert transportation to areas all around Miami, Florida. Now Florida Transtours Inc. is embarking on a whole new experience with the new Miami Construction Shuttle LLC. This time around we will be exclusively providing transportation services to construction workers in our 45 passenger and 50 passenger buses. Our services have been entrusted with companies such as "The Related Group", "Beauchamp Construction Company", "Haskell Co.", "Plaza Construction" and many more. Our job is to safely transport your workers from point to point in an organized and efficient way.

If you are interested in our services we are available to answer your inquiries and concerns.

  • Feel free to contact us by calling our number: (305)-345-7215

  • Emailing us: info@miamiconstructionshuttle.com

Construction Groups

  • 1 : The related "One Paraiso Project", "W25 Project"

  • 2 : Beauchamp's project "Baltus House

  • 3 : Haskell Co. (NCL Terminal B Port of MIA) Project

The related "One Paraiso Project"

The related "One Paraiso Project"

Beauchamp's project

Beauchamp's project